Long-term maintenance of cultures

We will ensure reliable and safe storage of your cultures by service lyophilization of cultures or in the form of safe storage in the CCM.

Service lyophilization of cultures

If you need to maintain your cultures for a long period of time at your workplace we are able to provide you with your cultures in either lyophilized or gelatine disks form.


Safe storage of cultures

This service will ensure reliable and safe storage of your cultures under optimal storage conditions for an agreed period of time. You will not have to worry about cultures you need to maintain safely, without loss of viability and genetically unaltered. With long-term storage in the CCM your cultures still remain your sole property, and the CCM will not provide them to third person, nor does it provide any information about them or their existence.


The CCM accepts the following microorganisms for long-term storage:


1. Bacteria
2. Fungi
3. Yeasts

We only accept for storage those species of microorganisms which can be cultivated on conventional culture media under normal conditions, can be stored by lyophilization and belong to the WHO risk group 1 or 2.

Culture storage time

The period for safe storage of cultures is 2 years or 5 years (according to the choice of the depositor).

After this period, the depositor may, in agreement with the CCM, extend the storage period by up to another 5 years. In such a case, the CCM will check the viability of the deposited culture and, based on its result, decide on a further extension of the deposit.

During safe storage, the customer may at any time request the CCM to send the stored culture or provide it to a third party. After safe storage, the CCM will return to the customer all remaining ampoules with cultures.

How to proceed?

Contact the CCM staff before sending cultures of microorganisms for safe storage. Upon agreement, you will be requested to fill in the appropriate forms, which you will send together with the culture to our address.

Detailed information on safe storage of cultures can be found this document:

Safe deposit of microorganisms in CCM

Service lyophilization and safe storage of cultures are charged according to our price list of services.


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