Quality control strains

The CCM offers a group of reference strains for internal quality control in microbiological laboratories.

This group of quality control strains, supplied on gelatine discs or in the form of a lyophilised culture, is expanded and modified every year according to new regulatory requirements and the needs of customers.

Areas of application of the CCM quality control strains

  • Inspection of diagnostic kits and tests.

  • Quality control of culture media and identification tests in clinical bacteriology.

  • Quality control of culture media in clinical mycology.

  • Quality control of culture media for microbiological testing of food, water and cosmetic products.

  • Determination of susceptibility to antimicrobial substances.

  • Biological control of the efficiency of germicidal fluorescent lamps.

  • Testing of inhibitory substances in food.

  • Detection of genotoxic substances (Ames test).

  • Tests according to the Czech Pharmacopoeia 2009, incl. Supplement 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015.

See the offer sheet for a complete list of quality control strains and specifications for their use.

CCM quality control strains

All quality control strains are supplied in the form of a lyophilized culture and selected group of quality control strains is supplied also on gelatin disks.

Cultures on gelatin disks

Gelatin disks replace the storage of cultures on agar. This reduces the risk of contamination and loss of viability during subculturing. They give standard results of controlled tests. They are supplied in screw cap vials that allow for easy, aseptic and repeatable culture collection. Each vial contains 20 discs. The expiration period is 1-2 years. The CCM reserves the right to use up to half of the total expiration date. Discs should be protected from light and moisture and stored in a refrigerator at 2 to 8 °C. Gelatin disks are shipped under common transport conditions.

CCM microbial strains supplied in a form of gelatin disks

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